What Is Unit Nr?

What does street nr mean?

However, in most cases, the street number is the number describing where a building is located on a street.

It can also be listed as “house number”, but it goes without saying that businesses will not use this term when giving their address..

What does NR mean in college?

no report”NR” = An “NR” means “no report.” An “NR” can only be assigned by the instructor. An “NR” is not calculated into the student’s GPA, except for certain careers where it is converted to an “ED”. An “NR” is subject to lapsing to a failing grade (“ED”) for certain careers.

What does NR mean on TV?

If a film has not been submitted for a rating or is an uncut version of a film that was submitted, the labels Not Rated (NR) or Unrated (UR) are often used.

What does NR mean on lab results?

non-reactive resultA non-reactive result means that no HIV antibodies were detected. Antibodies are your body’s response to a virus or infection. This would find any exposures which happened 6 weeks prior to the test or before that. A non-reactive test means that a person is HIV-negative.

What is the meaning of NR?

The definition of ‘NR’ is ‘no reply’. ‘NR’ is mainly used on social media to indicate that you will not reply to any comments or messages.

What does NR mean in address?

Meaning of nr in English nr. written abbreviation for near , used, for example, as part of an address: Bray, nr Dublin.

What does NR mean in grades?

not recordedNR Grade Information If a student’s final grade in an undergraduate or graduate course is not officially submitted by the instructor by the University’s grade submission deadline¹, a “not recorded” (NR) placeholder grade will be entered for the student by staff in the Registrar’s Office.

What does NR stand for on ebay?

No Reserve PriceNR. No Reserve Price. A reserve price is the price you can set when you begin your. auction. If bids don’t meet the reserve, you don’t have.

What is TDS in medical terms?

t.d.s. to be taken three times daily. t.i.d. three times daily.

What is NP and NR?

NR: Not reimbursable. NP: Not preferred. PX: Preferred at level X, with X indicating a more preferred medication or supply. This will show as “P34” for a level 34 medication or supply. Higher numbers indicate higher preference.

What does NR mean in hospital?

Non-responders ResponderNo Refill. Medicine, Health, Healthcare. NR. Non-responders. Responder, Patient, Treatment.

What does NR mean in bill of quantities?

just meansor Nr. just means ‘Number’ (confirmation of quantity)