Quick Answer: How Much Does A Union Journeyman Lineman Make?

How much does a journeyman lineman make an hour?

The average hourly wage for a Journeyman/Lineman in the United States is $38 as of October 28, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $36 and $39..

What is a journeyman lineman salary?

Most Power Linemen make over $100,000 per year and many Journeymen earn salaries well over $150,000.

Do linemen make good money?

An electrical lineman’s median annual income was $69,380 in May 2017, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics; half made more, and half made less money. The bottom 10 percent of electrical linemen made under $37,600, while the top 10 percent earned very generous wages over $99,860.

How much does a union journeyman glazier make?

A Glazier can expect average salaries in a range of 32000 to 48000 depending on experience and domain knowledge. Glaziers can get an average salary of Forty Thousand Five Hundred dollars yearly.

Is there a demand for lineman?

Labor stats indicate the demand for linemen is expected to grow by 9 percent through 2022. At the same time, adding to the ranks of linemen offers the promise of jobs in rural America. “There’s a need in the field,” Edwards said.

What trades pay the most?

Highest-paying trade careersElectrician.Landscape designer.Boilermaker.Respiratory therapist.Construction manager.Dental hygienist.Ultrasonographer.Radiation therapist.More items…•