Quick Answer: How Much Does A Shift Leader At Walgreens Make?

How much does a shift lead make?

How much does a Shift Leader make in Canada?CityAverage salaryShift Leader in Vancouver, BC 34 salaries$19.76 per hourShift Leader in Mississauga, ON 17 salaries$18.24 per hourShift Leader in Edmonton, AB 15 salaries$16.77 per hourShift Leader in Calgary, AB 22 salaries$17.11 per hour1 more row•Aug 25, 2020.

How much does a shift leader make at Walmart?

The typical Walmart Shift Supervisor makes $15 per hour. Shift Supervisor hourly pay at Walmart can range from $12 – $17. This estimate is based upon 20 Walmart Shift Supervisor salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much does a shift leader make at CVS?

The typical CVS Health Shift Lead makes $14 per hour. Shift Lead hourly pay at CVS Health can range from $11 – $16.

Do shift leaders get paid more?

A Shift Leader in your area makes on average $26,679 per year, or $617 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $26,062. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Shift Leader salaries. … Find your next high paying job as a Shift Leader on ZipRecruiter today.

What does a shift leader do at Walgreens?

As a Walgreens shift lead, you’ll develop and enhance your leadership abilities as an indispensable asset to our store staff. As a liaison between management and non-management team members, you’ll be a key part of ensuring that excellent customer service is delivered to our customers.

How long are Walgreens shifts?

eight hourThere are many eight hour shifts, some are split.

Is a shift lead a supervisor?

Shift manager runs the floor the shift given and the shift leader is physically helping get the food out. The shift manager supervised the shift leader and all staff on the worker crew.

How many hours is considered full time at CVS?

30They’ve recently changed their guidelines. Full time requires an average of 30 or more hours a week for a years time.

Who pays more Walgreens or CVS?

Salaries. CVS Health has 2,948 more total submitted salaries than Walgreens.