Question: What FICO Score Does American Express Use?

What is the easiest Amex card to get approved for?

The USAA Secured American Express Card is the easiest American Express card to get.

It’s issued by USAA, but it’s on the Amex card network, which means you can use it anywhere Amex is accepted.

It’s also available to people with bad credit, unlike anything Amex offers..

What credit score do you need for an American Express black card?

A credit score between 800 and 850 is considered exceptional. If your score falls in the 700s or even high 600s, you may still be considered for a black card if your overall wealth and card spending catch American Express’ eye.

How often does American Express Update FICO score?

Mine usually updates about 7 days after the day they pull the new report. For example, my reports are dated at about the 28th of every month but the Amex site won’t update until about 5th-7th of the following month. If your last report was dated 2/10, you probably won’t see your new 3/10 report until 3/17ish.

What credit cards show your FICO score?

Which credit card issuers offer free scores?IssuerFree Credit Score TypeWho Can Get ItChaseVantageScore 3.0AnyoneCitiFICOSome accountsDiscoverFICOAnyoneUS BankTransUnionAccount holders6 more rows

Does American Express provide FICO score?

American Express Now Offering Free FICO Scores. American Express is giving personal and consumer charge cardholders free access to their FICO scores, falling in line with issuers such as Chase and Citi.