Question: How Do You Delete Myfitnesspal Account?

How do I delete my fitness pal and start over?

At this time, there is not a data reset feature available for the program.

We will definitely consider making this option available in a future update.

Our recommended option is to reset your starting date, weight and goals..

How do I delete photos from my fitness pal?

Photos can be removed form being linked to weigh-ins by swiping left on the photo itself. Place your finger on the picture you want removed and drag (swipe) from right to left to expose the “Remove Photo” and Delete weigh-in options.

Why can’t I log into MyFitnessPal?

If you are receiving this error, it is possible your login credentials are not recognized in our system. First, try logging into your account on our website using the same credentials to see if that works. … If not, then we recommend resetting your password.

Is it worth upgrading to MyFitnessPal premium?

In my opinion, MyFitnessPal Premium is definitely worth it. The upgrade truly lets you take your health and fitness to the next level with features that make tracking your food and exercise so much easier. Below is a summary of the Premium features that make the upgrade totally worth it!

How do I change my weight in MyFitnessPal?

Click Check In from the sub menu on your Home screen.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit Previous Entries.Make any necessary changes to your starting weight, then click Change. Voila! Your Starting Weight has been updated.

How do I reset Myfitnesspal counter?

For the fastest attention to this issue, please use our dedicated counter reset request tool. Log in to your account at, click the link above, and specify the number of days you believe to be correct. Your counter will be reset immediately.

Can you delete history on MyFitnessPal?

To delete items in the iOS and Android app, swipe an item from right to left (iOS) or press and hold on the item (Android) in the “Recent” or “Frequent” view, then tap the “Delete” button when it appears. To delete Frequent items on the web, log in to our website at

How much is MyFitnessPal premium?

Premium costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year. With a free account, you can track food and calories, activity, weight, and a few other metrics.

How do I log into MyFitnessPal?

Open the Settings app on your phone > tap into your Apple ID settings > select Password & Security > Sign in with Apple > Apps using your Apple ID > select MyFitnessPal. You should be able to see your ‘hidden’ email here and use it to log in to your MyFitnessPal account.

What is premium MyFitnessPal?

A Premium subscription adds new options to MyFitnessPal’s robust feature set, increasing the app’s customizability and flexibility. … Premium is available on our website, and in the latest versions of our iOS (11.0 and later) and Android (5.0 and later) apps.

How do you delete scanned foods on Weight Watchers app?

How do you delete scanned foods on Weight Watchers app? To delete a food from all your devices, use the shortcuts below: iPhone – iPad: Swipe to the left >hit Remove. Android: Tap on the item >Remove item >Delete or Cancel. Computer: Select the item you want to delete; Click on the gray X to the right of the item.

Is MyFitnessPal a safe app?

Under Armour’s hugely popular fitness tracker, MyFitnessPal, has been hacked. If you’re one of the 150 million or so users of the app or website don’t panic, but do change your password. … You can protect yourself by be being proactive: read Under Armour’s notice of data breach and check its account security FAQs.

Which is better Noom or MyFitnessPal?

This is one of the bigger selling points both Noom and MyFitnessPal have and it’s important to analyze them in this comparison. With Noom, users get the opportunity to quickly scan and log their meals within seconds. … For MyFitnessPal, their calorie and activity tracking is good.

Is MyFitnessPal still the best?

A 2017 study identified MyFitnessPal as one of the top two nutrition apps recommended by dietitians. … In addition to counting calories, MyFitnessPal users can track their water intake and macronutrients, giving them one of the most extensive nutrient databases of the five apps analyzed.

Is my fitness pal private?

Your actual weight is for your eyes only, this is always kept private. If you add a friend, they will be able to see your News Feed updates, including the amount of weight you’ve lost, but never your current weight.

How do I contact my fitness pal?

You can contact MyFitnessPal via their customer service contact page. You can also contact MyFitnessPal through their social media pages. Some of these social pages offer a messaging or contact us button which you can use to send your message directly to the company.