How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At La Fitness

Does LA Fitness offer health insurance to employees?

In addition to base pay, eligible employees receive a LA Fitness benefits package that includes general healthcare provisions.

All employees receive free membership to LA Fitness clubs..

What do you wear to an LA Fitness interview?

Workers should sit up straight, speak confidently and knowledgeably, and wear professional clothing, such as button-down shirts, slacks, dressier blouses, skirts, or appropriate dresses. Health and fitness brand and trend awareness serves candidates well during the interview process.

Does LA Fitness drug test?

The short answer is No. As a rule, LA Fitness does not drug test. They can do background check, but drug testing is not required. … If you look intoxicated or get hurt at work, then you may be asked to take a drug test.

How much does LA fitness trainers make?

The typical LA Fitness Personal Trainer makes $16 per hour. Personal Trainer hourly pay at LA Fitness can range from $16 – $20. This estimate is based upon 3 LA Fitness Personal Trainer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Can I bring my 13 year old to LA Fitness?

All guests must prove that they are at least 16 years of age (or at least 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian) and sign a waiver of liability to use club facilities; a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver of liability on behalf of guests under 18 years of age.

Can you go to LA Fitness twice a day?

Do you do two-a-days? Exercising two times a day can be beneficial for very fit individuals but it is important to space out your workouts. Allow at least four to six hours in between workouts for optimal results.

Can I add a friend to my LA Fitness membership?

You can add friends or family to your LA Fitness membership by speaking to the General Manager. … The benefits of adding a friend or family to the membership is that they will more than likely get a discounted rate.

Does LA Fitness pay overtime?

Nope. There is no such thing as overtime or special pay for certain days or holidays.

Do you get a free membership if you work at LA Fitness?

They are paid hourly plus commissions and receive a complimentary club membership. These employees are the face of the club!

Does LA Fitness let you bring a guest?

Reactivate Membership – VIP Guest Privileges. These privileges allow you to bring two guests with you to use the club under the following conditions: The guest must be accompanied by you. The guest must sign a medical and injury release form each time they use the club facilities.

Does LA Fitness pay weekly or biweekly?

On average it falls biweekly on the 8th and 23rd.

Can a felon be a personal trainer?

A felon is able to take the certification exam offered by accredited associations. … A career as a personal trainer for felons is possible depending on the nature of the crime committed. Anyone who has been convicted of sexual harassment, murder, child pornography, or rape will find it difficult to work at any gym.

Does LA Fitness have 401k?

Along with paid vacations, employees can enjoy fully paid commuting as well. 401(K) PLAN: LA FITNESS INTERNATIONAL does not offer 401(k) plan.

Do LA Fitness trainers get paid hourly?

The typical LA Fitness Personal Trainer makes $14 per hour. Personal Trainer hourly pay at LA Fitness can range from $6 – $32. … When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness can expect to make an average annual salary of $28,597 .

Who is LA Fitness owned by?

Louis WelchLouis Welch is President & co-CEO of Fitness International, LLC, which operates the LA Fitness health clubs. Mr. Welch is an American businessman and fitness industry leader.

What age do you have to be to work at LA Fitness?

18 years oldMinimum Age to Work at LA Fitness: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at LA Fitness?)

Does LA Fitness pay well?

How much do LA Fitness employees make? Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates….LA Fitness Salaries.Job TitleSalaryOperations Manager salaries – 115 salaries reported$14/hrPersonal Trainer salaries – 110 salaries reported$14/hr

Does LA Fitness hire felons?

Yes you can work at LA Fitness with a felony. … Yes you can work at LA Fitness with a felony.

Is LA Fitness a good company to work for?

La Fitness is a good job to have while in school. They have a variety of hours which makes it easy to work around an odd schedule. Over all it is a company that most employees feel “stuck.” There is always a promotion that is dangled in front of you but it will never come.

Does LA Fitness Get Pay weekly?

Do u get paid every week or biweekly?! Get paid 2 times a month based on commission and hourly wage.

Does 24 Hour Fitness hire felons?

24 Hour Fitness doesn’t offer any special hiring programs for felons.

Does CVS hire felons?

The Short Answer: It is possible for a felon to work for CVS in some cases but not all. Felons will not be able to work in the pharmacy but may be able to work as a sales associate. Certain felony convictions like theft and violent felonies may keep you from becoming employed by CVS.

How do I quit LA Fitness?

Click on My LA Fitness. Login, click on Account Information tab and then click on the “Cancellation Form” option on the right side of the screen. Mail the form to the address listed on the form or you can provide written notice to us at PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170.

Which gyms pay personal trainers the most?

Personal Trainer Salary Research Shows the Highest Paying Gyms24 Hour Fitness. Non-training hours at 24 Hour Fitness are minimum wage, but the gym does offer some attractive incentives. … Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness gyms are franchised and had varied payment structures. … Crunch Fitness. … Equinox. … LA Fitness. … Planet Fitness. … YMCA.