How Much Does It Cost To Transfer IHG Points?

Can I transfer my IHG points?

IHG® Rewards Club points can be transferred to another IHG® Rewards Club member in 1,000 point increments for $5 USD per 1,000 points.

There is no limit to the number of points a member can transfer or receive.

Click to Transfer points now.

For additional assistance, you may call the IHG® Rewards Club Service Center..

How can I get free IHG points?

You can join for free and register with a credit or debit card. Then earn up to 5x IHG Rewards Club points per $1 just for registering your email address, and 8x points per $1 after your eleventh dining experience.

How can I get free hotel stays?

8 Ways to Nab Free Hotel StaysHotel Loyalty Programs. The most obvious way to earn free hotel stays is to join a hotel chain’s loyalty program. … Hotel Rewards Cards. … Cash Back Cards. … Flexible Rewards Cards. … Combining Credit Cards. … Using Your Points Strategically. … Use Booking Site Points. … Work for a Hotel.

Can I use IHG points on Amazon?

IHG Rewards Club allows you to redeem your points for $25, $50, or $100 Amazon gift cards.

How does IHG 4th night free work?

How does the 4th reward night free benefit work? When you redeem points for any stay of 4 or more nights, your 4th night is free. Once this benefit applies to your IHG account, whenever you make an award booking for at least 4 nights, you will see that you are only paying for 3 nights with points.

How much is 50000 IHG points worth?

IHG Points Value CalculatorIHG PointsCash Value10,000 PointsUS $7025,000 PointsUS $17530,000 PointsUS $21050,000 PointsUS $3503 more rows•Oct 2, 2020

How much is 80000 IHG points worth?

Based on TPG’s most recent valuations, those 80,000 IHG points are worth $560, but you can get even more from signing up. When you add an authorized user to your account and they make a purchase within the same three-month period, you’ll get 5,000 additional points, which increases the value to $595.

How are IHG Rewards points calculated?

If you’re an IHG Rewards Club Spire Elite member staying at a Kimpton hotel for three nights at $200 per night, you’d earn the following: $200 x 10x points x 3 nights = 6,000 points. 6,000 points x 100% bonus = 6,000 points.

Is IHG membership free?

The chain’s loyalty program, IHG Rewards Club, is free to join and provides a host of perks to visitors – ranging from a complimentary newspaper at your door when you wake up in the morning to points for every dollar spent at IHG hotels that you can redeem for free nights.

How do you earn the most IHG points?

Stay at an IHG brand hotel The most common way to earn IHG Rewards Club points is on qualifying stays at IHG properties. You’ll earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on stays at most IHG brands (Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites only earn 5 points per dollar).

Do purchased IHG points count towards status?

Points earned from Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays, spend on IHG® Rewards Club credit cards, select partner activity, IHG® Rewards Club Bonus Points Packages, and Qualified Spend through IHG® Business Rewards are considered Qualifying Points and are counted toward Elite status.

How much do IHG points cost to buy?

This cuts the cost of IHG Rewards points to 0.5 cents per point, which can be a good way to subsidize the cost of future IHG hotel stays. In addition, the hotel group has raised the number of points a single IHG Rewards Club member can purchase from 150,000 per year to 250,000 per year.

How many points for a free stay at IHG?

Using Points The number of points required for complimentary nights ranges from 10,000 to 70,000 and varies by property. IHG also offers a PointBreaks program that allows you to redeem a rewards night for as little as 5,000 points at select hotels for a limited time.

Are IHG points worth it?

On average, you’ll find IHG points are worth ~0.5 cents per point, which will vary depending on your dates of travel and where you’ll be staying. … IHG’s award chart places hotels in 13 different categories, and generally speaking, higher-end hotels will get you a better value per point, depending on your travel dates.

How do I keep IHG points from expiring?

Simply stay, earn or redeem points once every 12 months and keep them from expiring!You’re always welcome here. Book a night at any of our nearly 5,200 locations worldwide and you’ll make a new memory and get more points. … Get away. Use your points at any one of our locations around the world. … Go when you want.

What are 10000 IHG points worth?

about $70IHG points are worth 0.7 cents each, on average. That means 10,000 IHG points have a value of about $70. Plus, IHG points are less valuable than the average hotel points, which are worth roughly 0.90 cents each.

Can you redeem IHG points for cash?

Unfortunately, the only cash redemption option IHG offers for Rewards Club points is gift cards. If you choose to redeem your points this way, you’ll only get about a quarter of a cent per point.

How much is 40000 IHG points worth?

The room costs around $200 after taxes and fees and requires 40,000 IHG points per night. This would equate to approximately 0.5 cents per point — about average for an award room booking. In this case, since the point value is about average, the room is worth booking with points.

How much is 20000 IHG points worth?

How we value IHG pointsCategoryPointsPoint value (cents)1100000.0092150000.0073200000.0074250000.0058 more rows•Feb 14, 2019

What can IHG points be used for?

Earn points when you stay at any one of our nearly 5,200 open hotels or make use of our promotions and partners. Points can be used for Reward Nights, travel, merchandise and more. IHG® Rewards Club Reward Night points requirements vary by hotel property and are classified per category.

Is buying hotel points a good idea?

However, buying additional airline miles or hotel points is often not a good deal for the consumer. … For example, if you transfer your credit card reward points to an airline or hotel loyalty program you may get a higher rate of return for your points, making it a more affordable option.