How Long Is Training At Olive Garden?

How much money do you make at Olive Garden?

Average Olive Garden hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.00 per hour for Lavaplatos to $22.00 per hour for Support Associate.

The average Olive Garden salary ranges from approximately $17,324 per year for Cook to $69,571 per year for General Manager..

What should I wear to Olive Garden orientation?

6 answers. All black pants and shirt. Black non slip shoes, hair must be up. Wear whatever to orientation, but first day be sure to be in unifmore required for job position.

How can servers make more money?

9 Simple Ways to Earn More Tips as a ServerConnect With Your Customers. … Complement Their Food Choices. … Upsell Passionately. … Don’t Assume Your Guests Aren’t Interested. … Don’t Rush Your Guests’ Dining Experience. … Calling Your Diners by Name Could Increase Tips. … Offer a Little After-Dinner Treat. … Be Kind to Campers.More items…

Is being a host or server better?

Serving doesn’t always provide bigger tips because hosts are usually paid more and also get a more definable $ of tips. … If you want piece of mind and pretty good money, be a host in a fancy place. If you can’t stand being bored or watching the clock at work, go be a server at a diner and request weekends.

Do servers make good money at Olive Garden?

The pay is good, if you work hard and are good at what you do. You get out of it what you put in. If you want to train in another position, it is possible, it may take a while but eventually it will happen. Managers come and go so much at this Olive Garden.

How long is Olive Garden orientation?

2 to 3 daysOrientation last for 2 to 3 days and you try all they’re food. 2 hours with video and introductions to company. Training is 1-2 weeks depending on size of class.

How long is server training?

Training consists of three days of shadowing another server before becoming certified, followed by starting off with small table sections and working your way up to more tables. You have one week of training.

How much do Applebee’s host make an hour?

The typical Applebee’s Hostess makes $8 per hour. Hostess hourly pay at Applebee’s can range from $2 – $13.

Is it hard to be a server at Olive Garden?

That’s a fair point. But something’s been lost in the Great Olive Garden Web Content Rush of 2014: Being an Olive Garden server is one of the hardest, most thankless, and least lucrative jobs in the service industry.

Can a 16 year old work at Olive Garden?

To work at Olive Garden, you must be at least 16, with higher age requirements for certain roles. 16-year-olds can apply for the following jobs at Olive Garden: Host. Busser.

Is Olive Garden a good place to work?

They are flexible with my school schedule and I make good money for a part time job. The food is good and customers generally tip well. Olive Garden is a fast paced, friendly environment where servers, managers, and kitchen staff all work together to achieve guest happiness.

Does Olive Garden pay weekly?

5 answers. You are paid bi-weekly. They pay every Friday can get as early as Wednesday depending upon the card.

Do servers make good money?

According to US News and World Report the average waiter and waitress made $20,088 in 2013. Serving is hard work and $20K is not a lot of money to live on. There are servers working at diners or other inexpensive restaurants walking with $20-30 in tips after an 8 hour shift.

Does Olive Garden have paid training?

Yeah, you do. It’s a lower rate during training, but that improves by a bit when you’re a regular employee. They pay you for your orientation and training, which as I stated earlier can take weeks depending on your experience. Yes paid orientation and training.

How much do hosts at Olive Garden get paid?

Average Olive Garden Host/Hostess hourly pay in the United States is approximately $11.25, which meets the national average.

Do Olive Garden servers share tips?

Olive garden calculates a percentage of the sales of each server then divides that between everyone on tip share for the hours an individual worked.

What should I wear to an Olive Garden interview?

Nice dress clothes. A girl should wear something clean and casual to an interview at Olive Garden. … A nice dress or shirt with slacks and anything other than flip flops will do just fine.

What is starting pay at Olive Garden?

Average Hourly Rate for Olive Garden Restaurants Employees Olive Garden Restaurants pays its employees an average of $10.76 an hour. Hourly pay at Olive Garden Restaurants ranges from an average of $5.62 to $14.51 an hour.