How Do I Sell More Gym Memberships?

How can I improve my gym membership sales?

12 Ways to Boost Gym Membership SalesMake Joining as Simple as Possible.

Encourage Positive Reviews on Social Media.

Craft a Solid Marketing Plan.

Identify Your Gym’s Niche.

Know Your Competition.

Train Your Employees.

Understand Your Prospects’ Needs.

Personalize the Selling Experience.More items…•.

Can you negotiate gym membership fees?

You may find membership discounts or deals on classes on a gym’s website or through sites such as Groupon, Kufahl says. Negotiate a deal. When you decide which club you’d like to join, speak with a manager instead of a salesperson. Managers are more likely to be able to negotiate a better gym membership price for you.

What should I sell at the gym?

What should I sell in my gym?Towel Hire.Key Tags.Protein bars and protein shakes.Protein powder, pre workout, supplements.Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush etc.Cheap headphones.Hair ties and clips.Bottles of water.More items…

What is the average membership of a gym?

Membership fees vary widely based on your location and gym of preference, but the industry-wide average falls in at $58 per month, or $696 per year.

How much profit does a gym make?

Increase membership revenues – If membership at your gym is $1,000 per year, you only need 100 members to turn over $100,000 in annual revenue. But adding just one new member every week puts annual revenues at $152,000. Adding two new members per week puts it at $204,000.

How do I maximize my gym membership?

Get the Most From Your Gym MembershipLook at the amenities. … Pick one with a convenient location. … Consider the gym’s hours. … Study the contract. … Use your free personal-training session. … Mix up the machines. … Try classes. … Keep it up.

How do I sell my gym business?

Preparing to Sell a Gym BusinessPlenty of Lead Time. … Get Your Accounts in Order. … Know Your Numbers. … Determine Your Gym’s Value. … What’s Your Brand Worth? … Get Organized. … Create a Detailed Income and Outcome Spreadsheet. … Find the Best Buyer.More items…•

What gender goes to the gym more?

Indeed, according to a 2014 study on gender differences in the gym, women reported exercising for weight loss and toning more than men, whereas men reported exercising for enjoyment more than women.

What is the best gym to join?

Best Overall: 24-Hour Fitness. … Best Budget Membership: Planet Fitness. … Best for Frequent Travelers: Anytime Fitness. … Best for Bodybuilders: Gold’s Gym. … Best for Luxury and Amenities: Equinox. … Best for Machines and Muscle Isolation: LA Fitness. … Best for Group Classes: Crunch Fitness.More items…

How much can you make selling gym memberships?

National AverageSalary Range (Percentile)25thAverageAnnual Salary$21,000$36,838Monthly Salary$1,750$3,070Weekly Salary$404$7081 more row

Are gym memberships worth it?

If you’re committed to following an exercise routine, prefer to work out at a gym or fitness center, and can afford it – a membership isn’t wasting money. Regular workouts will not only improve your physical health but your mental health too. Just be sure to include the membership fee in your monthly budget.

How do you ask for a gym membership?

If the warm weather’s got you considering a new fitness facility, here are 12 questions to ask before signing up for a gym membership.What’s it cost? … Is there a maintenance fee? … Do I have to sign a contract? … What’s the cancellation policy? … What’s my motivation? … Am I healthy enough for exercise? … Is the gym insured?More items…•

What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym membershipsPlanet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.” … Cardinal Fitness. … Your Local YMCA. … Gold’s Gym. … LA Fitness.

What age group uses the gym the most?

Nuffield Health said 72-year-olds are their most frequent gym-goers, making an average of eight visits, while those in the 70-79 age bracket go 7.5 days a month on average. Those aged 25-39 go an average of six times a month, while the 20-25 age group category makes slightly more visits at 6.5.