Can I Do 80 Day Obsession Without Weights?

How do you prepare for an 80 day obsession?

Get Our FREE 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan & TrackerBe Kind to Yourself.

The program includes the word ‘Obsession’ for a reason.

Set Goals and Write Down Why They Matter.

Order What You Need – Program, Equipment, Supplements.

Set a Start Date.

Schedule Your Workouts.

Know the Meal Plan.

Prep Simple Meals.

Plan Your Meals.More items…•.

How old is Autumn Calabrese age?

39 years oldAutumn Calabrese Wiki, Age, Bio At the moment, Autumn Calabrese is 39 years old.

How much weight did you lose on 80 day obsession?

Total Loss from beginning of 2B Mindset: 30.4 pounds & more than 45″. Total Loss during 80 Day Obsession: 19.4 pounds & 36.5″.

Which is better 21 day fix or 80 day obsession?

The BIG difference is that 21 Day Fix will tell you HOW many of each container, but not HOW to combine them or when to eat them throughout the day. That is up to you. 80 Day Obsession takes ALL the guesswork out and divides the containers up into 5 meals per day that you eat based around your workout time.

What are the 3 phases of 80 day obsession?

There are three phases of 80 Day Obsession and each phase builds upon the previous one….What is the 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Plan Like?Recover helps reduce exercise induced muscle soreness.Energize will give you a surge of energy before your workouts.Recharge helps support overnight muscle recovery.

Is there a lot of jumping in 80 day obsession?

You need hand weights, most people already own weights though. The workout does not offer many modifications. … However, 80 Day Obsession is not a low impact, no weight, no jumping workout. A full figured fitness model would have made a wonderful addition to the workout.

What type of workout is 80 day obsession?

What kind of workout is the 80 Day Obsession program? This program is nicknamed the Abs and Booty workout. So if you want a leaner toned core and a more shapely booty, then be prepared to work your booty and your core like never before!!! It’s also a great program if you need with help with eating right.

Which Beachbody program is best for weight loss?

These 10 Beachbody Programs Can Help You Burn Fat Without Ever Stepping Foot in the GymPiYo.LIIFT4. … Focus T25.P90X3.Core de Force.22 Minute Hard Corps.Cize.ChaLEAN Extreme.More items…•

What weights do you need for 80 day obsession?

Q: What equipment do I need for 80 Day Obsession? A: You will need weights: light, medium, and heavy depending on your fitness level. (Autumn and the cast use anywhere from five-pound up to 40-pound weights.)

Should I do 80 day obsession?

As long as you’re not pushing yourself beyond your actual physical limitations, taking on a program like 80 Day Obsession can be a great way to see quick progress and to really push yourself.

What do you eat on 80 day obsession?

80 Day Obsession also relies on something called “timed nutrition,” as the plan’s website calls it, or “eating the right foods…at the right times” to fuel your daily workouts and speed your metabolism. Instead of counting calories, you consume small meals that include protein, carbs, and fat every two to three hours.

How long are the workouts for 80 day obsession?

They are high-intensity workouts designed to take your fitness to the next level, so you can expect to sweat and feel challenged. They range in length from 30-60 minutes, with most averaging 45-60 minutes. While on the program, you’ll work out 6 days a week, with one rest day.

Should I do a little obsessed before 80 day obsession?

If you are not sure about getting into a full program like 80 Day Obsession, then “A Little Obsessed” is a great way to assess your fitness level. You will also get a great workout! … Since you’ll already be a member of Beachbody on Demand, you can move on to 80 Day Obsession when you are ready (or any other workout!)

What Beachbody program is best for beginners?

Best Overall: 21 Day Fix. Buy on Amazon. … Best for Low Impact: PiYo. Buy on Amazon Buy on … Best for Dancing: Country Heat. Buy on … Best for Yoga: 3 Week Yoga Retreat. … Best for Cardio: Cize. … Best for Burning Fat: P90X3. … Best for Beginners: Slim in 6. … Best for Building Muscle: Body Beast.More items…•